“Judy and I would like to commend Jayson for being a great personal trainer to us. Even though Jayson is a relatively young person, he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We recommend him to a number of friends, because we believe he is so good!”
~Kent H.

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“I tried losing weight on my own, but I wasn’t seeing the results I was looking for so I hired Jayson.  I have been working with him for five months and am stronger than I have ever been.  I have lost 20 lbs. while gaining lean muscle mass.  Jayson has kept the workouts interesting and changed things around often so I didn’t get bored or burned out. He is good at explaining the physiological effects of the exercises and what combinations will benefit me most. He has also made adjustments to the way I lift that isolate certain muscles and maximize the gain…. I enjoy working out and look forward to lifting days. It focuses my mind, and the endorphins don’t hurt either!”
~Grant P.

“The results that I got from training with Jayson not only helped me reach the target goal of designated fat loss, but gaining a genuine feeling of well-being and a much greater knowledge of the overall dynamics of the program—which was much more in-depth than I ever thought it would be. I’ve learned that it is FAR more beneficial to hire an expert fitness professional than to do it myself.”
~Scott N.

“I have always been active but never particularly fit. Also realizing there is a shift in metabolism when you turn forty, I needed to work hard just to maintain a level of being in good shape. So I started working with Jayson as my personal trainer. It took working with Jayson to understand what I needed to do to really improve. His focus on core training has helped me immensely with my skiing. I am stronger, balanced, and more efficient than I have ever been. Jayson knows how to push and challenge me with a pleasant humor and sense of ecouragement. I look forward to each workout with Jayson.”
~Tom H.

“As a long time client of Jayson Skrivseth with J.S. Fitness, I have benefited from his vast knowledge of strength, and aerobic training. I have also benefited from his knowledge of diet and nutrition. Especially, how it helps with developing and maintaining lean body mass and how important it is to control fat intake. He has taught me through proper technique to derive the maximum benefits from my workouts. Which has helped to stress different muscle groups through unique and challenging workouts. This in turn has resonated in sports such as golf, tennis, and racquetball. He is very positive and motivating.”
~Ken C.