“Having Jayson work with me on my fitness training was critical to my goal of weight loss and improved health. Jayson helped me to set realistic goals and then establish conditioning and weight lifting routines to accomplish them. He is great to work with and adds the motivation and knowledge necessary for success. I couldn’t have done it without Jayson’s help. I would recommend that anyone who is serious about their health, working out, fitness training or body building, work with Jayson at JS Fitness. He can and will make a difference.”
~Todd T.



NutritionNutrition is how food nourishes our bodies. Food is used as fuel for growth and daily activities. Eating an adequate and balanced diet is essential for optimal functioning and performance. What we eat affects our work, play, physical and psychological status and health.

Due to the abundance of food that is available, over consumption of calories and fat has become a problem in our country. It has been linked to cardiovascular disease, certain forms of cancer, obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Eating behaviors do not change easily, but with help of a trained fitness professional one can gain a better understanding of creating good eating habits. This can be achieved through moderation and portion control.

Your personal trainer will provide you with the tools to assist you in achieving your goals through proper nutrition. He will guide you on how to improve your eating behaviors by customizing a plan just for you.  Eating healthy is often the biggest hurdle to clear.

“There's no easy way out. If there were, I would have bought it. And believe me, it would be one of my favorite things!”
~ Oprah Winfrey